Tariff and limits for transactions with international debit cards Visa Electron

Tariff for international debit cards Visa Electron

1. Issuance of the main card, additional card or renewal of a card due to expiration of the validity termfree of charge
2. Issuance or renewal of more than one card of one card holderfree of charge
3. Renewal of a card before the expiration of the validity term due to a loss, theft, damage, etc.EUR 8
4. Interest rate on the card account in EUR for natural persons3%
5. Interest rate on the card account in USD for natural persons2%
6. Interest rate on the card account in EUR and USD for legal entities0,2%
1. Withdrawal of cash from ATM and POS terminalEUR 2
2. Payment for goods and services through POS terminalfree of charge
3. Payment for periodical bills by telephone and through InternetEUR 0,80
1. Charge for blocking or unblocking of cardEUR 5
2. Change of the amount blocked under the card operationsEUR 2

3. Bank statements on the card account:

  • by mail
  • upon request at the premises of Central Cooperative Bank AD


4. Change of the daily and the weekly limits on the cardEUR 5
5. Subscription for statements from all bank accounts of the client through Internetfree of charge /only ePay charge/

6. Charge for sent confirmation for money transfer in BGN through ePay.bg

  • by letter to the cardholder’s address
  • by fax to the cardholder
  • by letter to the beneficiary’s address
  • by fax to the beneficiary


EUR 1,50

EUR 2,50
EUR 1,50
EUR 2,50


7. Interest on unauthorized overdraft35%
8. Charge for manual release of a blocked amount with card current bank accountEUR 5
9. Unjustified appeal of transactionEUR 20
10. Balance enquiry on Visa Electron card from ATMfree of charge
11. Generating of new PIN-code /only for Visa Electron card/EUR 5

Limits for transactions with international Visa Electron debit cards

Transactions in BulgariaPurchase of goods and servicesWithdrawal of cashTotal
Max. per transaction15001000
24 hour limit200020002000
7-day limit300020003000
Transactions abroad
Max. per transaction15001000
24 hour limit200020003000
7-day limit300020003000
Number of transactions for 24 hours30
Number of transactions for 7 days50
Maximum number of PIN entry tries3

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