Automatic fixed transfers

These transfers give you the opportunity to periodically transfer a certain amount of money without paying a visit to the bank. You determine the amount and date/day in advance, and the transfer is made automatically.

The automatic fixed transfers are convenient, if you have more than one account with CCB or with CCB and another bank, or if you wish to transfer monthly or weekly the same amount to another person or company. They give you the freedom to make periodically money transfers without filling in documents for each transfer and without remembering dates.

Automatic fixed transfers are extremely useful for you

  • If you have a credit or another credit product in CCB or another bank and you wish to repay automatically your instalment from another of your accounts in CCB
  • You want to save the same amount each month
  • You want to transfer periodically money to your relative

They are also convenient for your company

  • If you use a company credit in CCB and you want to repay automatically the amount of the monthly instalment
  • If the company has many branches with accounts in one or several branches of CCB and you want to collect an exact amount from each of the accounts.

What possibilities do the fixed transfers offer?

Through the fixed transfers you pay automatically exactly defined amount of money. You choose where the money shall go – on your account or to another person, to a CCB branch or to another bank.
If both accounts are in CCB, they could be in different currencies. If the beneficiary’s account is in another bank, then the sender’s account and his account must be in BGN.
You can set a maximum number of transfers – after making a certain number of transfers, the service is automatically deactivated.
If you wish, you will be informed about each transfer via SMS to your mobile phone.

You choose alone when to make the transfers

  • On a certain day of the week;
  • On a certain day of the month;
  • On the first working day of the month;
  • On the last working day of the month;
  • A combination of the previous options.

How much do the automatic fixed transfers cost?

The registration for automatic fixed transfers is free. You pay only fees for the transfer to an account in CCB or in another bank in accordance with the Tariff of CCB. If you subscribe for an SMS upon a transfer, fees are for each SMS - 0.18 BGN.
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