Visa CCB – BG AIR Credit Card

Central Cooperative Bank and “Bulgaria Air” air company created a special card, intended for all that often travel abroad or prefer from time to time to dip into the atmosphere of other countries.

Rebates and bonuses from Bulgaria Air

The collaboration between CCB and Bulgaria Air brings many advantages to clients that want to have the cobranded card issued.

Together with all functionalities of the standard credit cards, Bulgaria Air provides to clients the following rebates:

  • 3% rebate from the price of the airplane ticket upon purchasing the ticket on the territory of Bulgaria or via the Internet.
  • 5% rebate upon the purchase of goods on board the planes of Bulgaria Air.
  • Inclusion in the program for loyal passengers of Bulgaria Air.
  • 30 kg free luggage for every flight.
  • Advantage upon confirming bookings and registration at the airports.

Card parameters

Together with the rebates and advantages they receive, using the Bulgaria Air card, clients receive exceptionally advantageous conditions under the bank loan.

The cobranded cards, which CCB issues, are Visa Classic and Visa Gold.

  • A loan up to EUR 10 000 or the equivalent amount in USD
  • An exceptionally long grace period – up to 60 days upon shopping
  • No annual fee for the first year
  • Low interest after the grace period
    - 15,75 % annual interest for cards in BGN and EUR
    - 14,75 % annual interest for cards in USD
  • All purchases are tax free!
  • Every month you choose whether to return your liability as a lump sum and enjoy a grace period or to deposit a minimum contribution.

How to request your card

All you have to do is to visit the office of CCB in Cyprus, to learn what documents you will have to prepare, if you apply for a personal or company card.

Upon a stolen or lost card

In case your card was stolen or lost, it is necessary to call at CCB, in order to block it:

During the working hours – CCB, Cyprus branch at:

  • 00357 22447757

Outside the working hours – Cards department, CCB Bulgaria

  • 00359 2 9266 523 and 00359 2 9266 527
  • 00359 889 934 694 (accessible to all subscribers)
For additional information:
Call at 00357 22447757 or write to us at:

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