Visa Electron Debit Sard

It is not necessary to have a credit card, in order to make payments on the Internet. With the Visa Electron card you shop free of charge in all foreign sites, bearing the logo of Visa.

The card may be used all over the world – for withdrawal from over 1 000 000 ATMs and for payment at over 24 000 000 shops, hotels, restaurants and other commercial sites across the world.

Order your Visa Electron debit card

  • Fill in your application online
  • Call 00357 22447757 at the Cyprus branch, in order to order your card on the phone
  • You may order your card at the office of Central Cooperative Bank in Cyprus. If you already have a checking account with the bank, it may be transformed into high interest-bearing card account.

You use your Visa Electron debit card under exceptionally good conditions

  • A possibility for a choice of a card in EUR or USD.
  • High interest rate for a personal card account:
    - 4% for account in EUR
    - 3% for account in USD
  • Free issuance
  • No monthly and annual fees
  • No minimum balance
  • Pay without any fee – payments at the trade points are free from any fees

Additional services and products, which you may use with your Visa Electron debit card

  • Overdraft – with the card you enjoy overdraft under excellent conditions, without guarantors and formalities, if you receive your salary at CCB.
  • A multifunctional card account – you may use the funds on your account not only with the card, but also for cash operations and transfers.

Information about the availability and movements on your Visa Electron debit card you may receive in a way, which is convenient for you:

Information about the availability on your card and for the payments with the card you may receive via a check-up at ATM in Cyprus and abroad.

Information about the movements and the availability on your account you receive via:

  • Internet banking – free of charge you follow the movements on your account on the Internet. It is sufficient to register free of charge for CCB Online – the Internet banking of CCB.
  • Statement via ordinary mail – you may state your desire to receive every month a statement via ordinary mail, for which you pay a fee, according to the Bank Tariff of the Cyprus branch.

Additional information about your Visa Electron debit card

  • Tariff and limits for the Visa Electron debit card
  • General conditions to the contract for the issuance of Visa Electron debit card
  • Application for the issuance of Visa Electron debit card

In case of a stolen or lost card

In case your card was stolen or lost, it is necessary to call at CCB for the card blocking.

During the working hours – at Cyprus branch at:

  • 00357 22447757

Outside the working hours – at the Cards department in Bulgaria

  • 00359 2 9266 523 and 00359 2 9266 527
  • 00359 889 934 694 (accessible to all subscribers)
For additional information:
Call at 00357 22447757 or write to us at:

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